About our publications

Barbara Brundage's arrangements were done primarily for her own use as a performing harpist and she tries to stay as close to the original as she can, making as few compromises as possible. Most of her work is intermediate to advanced. All is for a full-range lever harp tuned in E-flat, although many pieces are playable in other tunings and on smaller harps.

All Seaside Press publications are printed on acid-free archival 32 lb paper, and collections are coil bound to open flat. Page turns are carefully considered and lever changes meticulously notated. Our goal is to create long-lasting, easy-to-read music for the working harpist.

lever harp

We specialize in carefully thought-out arrangements of music that your audience is likely to request. People often ask what level of player our publications are designed for. Except for Pop Standards for Lever Harp, which Jan Jennings arranged for easy to lower-intermediate level, we don't really write to a particular level.